What are employee benefits?

Employee benefits can be understood as extras provided by the company in addition to a salary. Such benefits can include health cover, pensions, life cover, disability insurance etc.

Can you white label the Ovation employee benefits management solution for our company?
Yes. We can definitely assist with white labelling.
Can your platform accommodate multiple languages?
Yes, Ovation is a multi-language solution.
Is your platform compatible with multiple currencies?
Yes. The Ovation employee benefits management platform is a multicurrency solution.
Am I limited to only the services of my/one broker on your platform?
No, our platform can accommodate the systems of various benefit providers and can also integrate your company’s unique benefit offerings. From information-only to transactional processing – we have you covered.

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Is it possible to consolidate documentation like, employee contracts, benefit brochures, and other educational material, on the Ovation platform?

Yes. Ovation was built with the member in mind, you can customise it in many different ways to benefit the user. Educational content, whether it be from the provider or the employer, can easily be accessed by users on the platform.

Do you do pension fund administration?
There is an overlap and we help to simplify the process but Ovation is not a fund administration platform.
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